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Handcrafted Round Framed Rustic Wooden Wall Clock

Handcarved Wooden Rustic Wall Clock ⌚

Material: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass
Color: Multi-Color
Weight: 500 Gram
Product Dimension: 45 cm
Care: Wipe with clean and dry clothes, Don’t Wash with Water. Keep Away from Direct Sunlight


THE WOODEN ARTISANS introduces a bit of a classic touch around your interiors. The wall clock is made out of the finest quality materials including natural wood.

The beautifully designed handcrafted round framed wooden Wall Clock with golden shades and polish on top gives it a sophisticated look.

This wooden wall clock is a decorative timepiece that is made by skilled artisans using traditional woodworking techniques. These clocks are typically made from high-quality wood and can come in various styles.


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