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Victorian Royal Handcrafted Marble Top Dining Table With 8 Chairs

Product Overview

Material – Primary Material – Teak Wood & Fabric Secondary Material – Plywood
Size – Chair – 64 x 60 x 100 cm Table – 210 x 100 x 76 cm
Assembly – DIY (Do it yourself)
Pack Of – 8 Units Chairs, 1 Unit Dining Table
Color – Golden
Ships In – Made On Order | Usually Ready to Ship in 45 Days


In the realm of social gatherings and everyday rendezvous, this Opulent Italian artistry-crafted Teak Wood 8 Seater Dining Table transforms occasions into indelible memories. Comprising meticulously carved teak wood fragments fashioned into an enchanting spiral motif, the set boasts an impeccably sleek facade. The sanctity of this lavish dining affair is non-negotiable, as each element is fashioned with unparalleled precision and devotion. Beyond its entwined wooden allure, this table not only exudes a bygone allure but also graciously accommodates sizable assemblies, seating up to fourteen individuals.

Dimensions Principal Material – Teak Wood & Textile Secondary Material – Plywood The selection of fabric patterns relies on availability. Our team shall present an array of accessible designs for your perusal. The chosen fabric will adhere to your preferences from the available catalog.

Italian Elegance Dining Table Set – Revel in the epitome of Italian opulence with this splendid Teak Wood Twist 8 Seater Dining Ensemble. Meticulously carved from high-caliber teak wood, this splendid design is further embellished with a gilded leaf.

Hand-Carved Dining Ensemble – Embrace the timeless grace embodied in this finely crafted dining set. Its distinctive spiral motif guarantees a polished surface and ample space for a convivial assembly of up to fourteen, partaking in meals with refined panache.

Teak Timber – Revel in the inherent durability of teak wood as it elevates your furnishings above the ordinary. This wood also bestows an extra layer of defense against spills and abrasions, ideal for any contemporary abode.

Gilded Completion – Infuse every dining affair with an additional touch of allure through the resplendent golden finish. The sumptuous tint imparts a bygone allure and an unparalleled degree of refinement to your home décor!

The Octet Seats & Singular Table – This grandiose collection can host up to fourteen individuals, making it ideal for familial banquets or hosting esteemed guests. Revel in the convenience of uniting everyone around one exquisite table.

Impeccably Sleek Facade – Each constituent is meticulously crafted, ensuring a seamless finish across all surfaces. Every nuance of the timber undergoes meticulous sanding to achieve the desired texture, delivering an augmented sense of comfort during usage.

Effortless Maintenance with a Dry Fabric – The sleek surface streamlines the cleaning process, rendering it effortless. Fret not about spills or disarray, as a simple cloth can swiftly eradicate any mishaps. Savor hassle-free upkeep day in and day out!


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